1808 Dated Springfield Musket in Original Flintlock Condition

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1795 Model Springfield Musket Dated 1808 on Lock and Butt Plate

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Here is a super example of a War of 1812 era musket in original flintlock condition, manufactured at the Springfield Armory. It is dated “1808” on both the lock and butt plate. .69 cal., barrel length 44 1/4″. Also marked on lock plate with script “us” over eagle and shield and “SPRINGFIELD” below. Inside of lock is marked with three letters that I read to be “CTP.” Usual proof marks on barrel. Plate below trigger guard is marked “EC” as is the underside of the barrel, which is most likely the maker’s mark. Walnut stock has faint initials “JW” carved into it and the stock has been refinished. 4” split to stock near trigger guard, plus other minor cracks and expected dings and scratches. Missing one sling swivel. Removing the middle barrel band reveals a break in the continuity of wood. Therefore, the front 15 1/4 inches of the stock is likely a replacement. Other than that, all appears original. This is a wonderful example of a rare 1808 – dated Springfield.

Historical note: After the British ship Leopard fired on the USS Chesapeake in 1807 off the coast of Virginia, killing three American sailors, the Jefferson administration began to ramp up weapons production. War was averted for a time, but friction between the two countries continued until Congress officially declared war on Great Britain in June of 1812.

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