Chesapeake/Leopard Affair: Resolutions from St. Simon’s Island, GA, John Couper, Chm

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“Captain Broke; and may the fate of the Chesapeake ever humble the pride of the Yankees.” 

                                                                                                 – An English Toast


Resolutions Passed by a Committee Condemning the Attack on USS Chesapeake. St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, 1807

Six resolutions declared July 23, 1807 by the citizens of St. Simon’s Island (Georgia). First resolution begins: ” That we view with the utmost indignation the outrage commited by a British ship of war upon the Chesapeake Frigate…”  The committee goes on to pledge their “lives and fortunes” if the Federal Government decides that a war with Great Britain is necessary. Single sheet folded to make 4 pages. Writing fills up all of page one and approx. 1/4 of page two. Paper has overall toning; folds reinforced with archival tape.  Last resolution orders that: “…these resolutions be published, and a copy be forwarded to the president of the United States…” Signed at the end by John Couper, Chairman.

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