DS Wm. Shirley to Wm. Pitt re:1745 Siege of Louisbourg – SOLD

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Document addressed to William Pitt, signed by William Shirley as Colonial Governor of Massachusetts, Boston, 1747

“When the Parliament of Great Britain shall make Provision for paying the Troops raised for the late intended Expedition against Canada…”

This is a pay voucher for Thomas Boylston’s participation in the Siege of Louisbourg, Canada, in 1745.

During King George’s War, the French Naval base at Louisbourg, Canada was menacing the Northern Britsh colonies. A daring plan was hatched to capture the fortress there and in March of 1745 four thousand New England troops embarqued for Cape Breton Island. The siege, which lasted about six weeks, resulted in the surrender of the Louisbourg to the British and American forces on June 17, 1745.

Very good condition with 1/2″ tape repair at top, minor soiling. Signed by Boylston on reverse. 


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