Edmund Burke: Signed Document with Revolutionary War Association

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Burke, Edmund (1729-1797). Irish-born, intellectual, author, philosopher, orator, political organizer, and Whig member of the British House of Commons. (DS) Document Signed as Paymaster General of His Majesty’s Forces, 1p, 13 1/8” x 8 1/8”, n.p., 1782 April 10. Signed by Burke with his paper-covered wax seal. Fine. Three old horizontal folds. Laid paper with large Britannia watermark and a nicely embossed tax stamp.

Burke grants authority to the William Deane Poyntz of the Treasury to “pay the subsistence of His Majesty’s Forces employed at New York or elsewhere in North America.”

Although the war in America was effectively over by this time, the Peace Treaty of Paris would not be signed until September of 1783 and British military forces would remain at their North American headquarters in New York City, until November 25, 1783.

In the aftermath of the defeat and surrender of Cornwallis and his army at Yorktown in October 1781, the administration of Prime Minister North was dissolved. Not long afterwards Burke was appointed Paymaster General by his old ally, the newly appointed Prime Minister, the Marquis of Rockingham. Burke held the office of Paymaster twice, but for only two brief periods, this document being from his first term, which lasted little more than three months and suddenly ended when Rockingham unexpectedly died in office.

Clement Nevill Zouch and Charles Bembridge sign as witnesses. On verso, three signed notes indicate the document was recorded in the offices of John Lord Viscount Mount Stuart, auditor; Lewis Lord Sondes, auditor; and the Right Honorable Edmund Burke, Paymaster General. A fine item with Revolutionary War association signed by the man whose ideas greatly influenced the development of classical liberal and modern conservative political philosophies.

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