Statesman Richard Rush Autographed Free Frank Cover 1828

1828 Richard Rush Autograph signed while he was serving as Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

Autograph is on a folded mail cover. No letter is present. Cover has red Washington City circular date stamp as well as a red “FREE” stamp. Public officials like Rush were allowed to send letters free without paying postage. This letter is sent to the Honorable Charles F. Mercer, a congressman from Virginia.

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Richard Rush of Philadelphia (son of Benjamin Rush, signer of the Declaration of Independence) was a distinguished American statesman who served as U.S. Attorney General under James Madison from 1814 to 1817. As acting Secretary of State he negotiated the so-called Rush-Bagot Agreement in 1817, which reduced the naval forces along the Canadian border after the conclusion of the war of 1812. Beginning in 1817 he served for nearly eight years as Minister to Great Britain and negotiated the important Treaty of 1818 while there. This treaty dealt with issues concerning the US-Canadian Border, fisheries, and slaves. Rush served very successfully as Secretary of the Treasury under President John Quincy Adams from 1825 to 1829. By the time he left that office, the US Treasury had a surplus having had paid off all its debts. Rush ran unsuccessfully for Vice President on John Quincy Adams’ ticket in 1828. This wonderful autograph is a direct link to this distinguished American who served his country so ably.

Rush was a graduate of the College of New Jersey, now Princeton University.

This cover is in very good condition.       For More Information On These Pieces EMAIL Brian Murphy


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