War of 1812 Era Decorated Cartridge Box w/ Bayonet Scabbard, Original Bayonet and Brass Pick

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Price: $2,850.00

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1812 Era Cartridge Box with Attached Belt, Bayonet Scabbard, Bayonet and Flintlock Pick

Here is a great War of 1812 era cartridge box witha a nicely decorated leather flap. What makes this one so special is that the box comes with a bayonet scabbard attached to the waist belt. The bayonet and a chain and pick are also included. Wood block has 24 cartridge holes. The box measures 8 ½ inches across.

The box itself is in very good condition with only minor losses. Belt and scabbard with moderate damage. One would be hard pressed to find a cartridge box from this era much better than this.

Price: $2850

For More Information On This Piece EMAIL Brian Murphy

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