Explorer Zebulon M. Pike A.D.S.


Pike, Zebulon M. (1779-1813) American explorer and Brigadier General. ADS, 1p, 13 ¼” x 7 1/2” no place; no date, but March or April, 1813, very good.

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Scarce War of 1812 Autographed Document Signed by Zebulon Montgomery Pike.Pike orders the Quarter Master General of the army to pay for firewood at the temporary hospital at Ogdensburg, New York.

The recto of this document is a return for firewood for the month of March of 1813. One month earlier, Ogdensburg had been the scene of a skirmish when the British crossed the frozen St Lawrence River for a surprise attack. The American detachment there was caught off guard and forced to retreat, which allowed the British troops to destroy or carry off all the supplies left behind.  Pike was near his end when he signed this document, for he would be killed on April 27, 1813 when the British gunpowder magazine exploded at the Battle of York, Upper Canada.

Note on verso entirely in Pike’s handwriting. Although he signs here as “Col Com” (Colonel Commanding), it is likely that by this time Congress had already approved Pike’s promotion to Brigadier General. Pike was promoted on March 12th, but due to the slowness of communications, he did not receive his commission from Congress until April 6th. The document has been professionally conserved (2013).

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